Gamasutra: AAA or Casual?

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Pay attention to this article on gamasutra, where 4 investors were asked to share their thoughts on investing in games. Most interesting to me was the question of risk against reward, when investing in AAA games vs. casual games.
The conclusion for the Israeli developer, though, is clear: while there is not enough track-record risk is already high and thus Casual, low-budget games are the perfect solution, even if the gains are considerably lower.

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Brain Training Games

Mind360 have opened a short Blog entry just raising the question: Do brain-training games really help? Here, have a look:

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Why Games Matter

Here’s a fun-to-read commentary by Raph Koster, “Why Games Matter”, which is a cartoon-accompanied thread explaining a few of Raph’s thoughts on the Theory of Fun: Recommended!

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