The Early Years: My First English

There’s always a starting point, and it’s not always shiny, but if you learn something from it then it was not all in vain.

Back in the previous Millennium, when I decided I want to make games, I applied to Edusoft, one of the very few companies in Israel that were doing something remotely close to the games I wanted to make.

Edusoft is engaged with educational software, and at the time it had a flirt with Edutainment, trying to teach English through a game.

I joined in as an assistant game designer based on my enthusiasm with games and my early pre-collage software-oriented education. During my time there I leart a lot about software development and something about the problems management had to deal with, and in return I provided a few fresh ideas and a lot of dedication. The product raised some interest and even won a prize or two for innovation in education if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately, it was released too early with a lot of bugs, because it was also released a bit too late (in terms of project management) due to the tremendous amount of bugs that kept raising their ugly heads (call it catch 22 if you will). But it also did so due to several technical reasons such as, for example, matching the size of the application to the capacity of a CD, and for all supported (dubbed) languages.
Eventually, despite the early interest it drew, the product did not sell very well.

So, hey, Innovation is not enough. Putting it together, that’s what counts.

Another project started right after, but as I stopped enjoying what I was doing and how it had to be done I left Edusoft soon after, despite the financial temptation, and decided to engage with something that would be more true to what I originally wanted to do.

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