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You know the time has come for at least a short update when someone tells you “Hey, your site hasn’t been updated for a while!”.

So here’s a few thigs I’ve been involved with in the past year or so:

1) March of War ( – an epic turn-based strategy game in which players belonging to the same world power (there are 6 of these, with distinct looks and abilities) -  team up to conquer areas from rival teams.  I was involved in early concept, and though the game has changed a lot since then, many of my early reccomendations and ideas are still there, and it’s amazing to have seen it come to live.

Working on the concept of this game was a very unique experience during which I had to fly to Holland a lot and think discusss and throw a ball at the wall from morning till night, till the theme, rules, game mechanic, and player motivations all merged together.


2) Private tutting tools for the Shalom Ben-Dor system ( – these cannot be exposed here, but still they should be mentioned as it seems like an innovative set of tools to help teach kids having difficulties to learn how to read. These tools include both pc and mobile applications, some of which involve or immitate game-like activities.


3) Tetri ( – A psychometric word-tutting game, produced for PC, Android, and iOS.


4+) Consulting, designing, documenting and consulting to a good number of social and other games for Softco, Amigochat, Menuvra Games, and others…


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