Track Record

One of the things I intend to write about in this blog is my past experiences developing or assisting the development of games.

While not all experiences were 100% positive, I believe something can be learnt from each of these experiences.

Excluding a few High-school hobbyist game development experiences,
my first professional game-development experience was back in 1997, when I assisted the game design for a commercial edutainment CD-ROM title named “My First English“.

I then decided to venture with my own start-up company, “Majorem” (est. 2001, after over a year of working in a “garage” mode ), that was to develop technology supporting a Massively-Multiplayer RTS, and an online MMO game named “Ballerium“, to  demonstrates it. Although we reached further than many had believed we could, development had eventually frozen after we could not secure additional investments and our clients, including an ad-hoc Taiwanese publisher and later also “Interplay” withdrew from the game due to several reasons including bad timing, internal difficulties, loss of interest, and other reasons we couldn’t entirely understand. Nevertheless, we took pride in what we were able to achieve with as little as a $150k investment, as the very most of the funding throughout the years originated from sales.

In 2005, after previously completing my B.A. in Business, I decided to join PixelPlay, one of the world’s leading developers of iTV games. I contributed to the design of some of the games still on their portfolio to this day. When I felt I was ready to move on, I established my little sweet “My Games Lab”, through which I am able to assist a variety of interesting projects, including Mind360 – cognitive improvement online Flash games, Iron Grip Warlord – a unique combination of RTS and FPS, word-learning mini-games for EZWAY, a soon to be released PBBG (Persistent multiplayer Browser Based Game) for ISOTX, a PBBG Games Development tool (private project) and a set of Financial games for which I can’t yet disclose information, and few other games in different stages of development.