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We’ve found a new home! The site is being transferred to our new host, which should hopefully provide a faster and nicer surfing experience. Cheers!

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MMO Development Experiences

What’s it all about?


This article is based on a post was that was originally made on, at the blog forums. It triggered quite a debate there, and so I decided to improve it a bit, taking on some of the conclusions and clarifications made there. While the title is “MMO Development” it’s only because it originated from discussing the development of an MMO game, Ballerium, however most of the issues can be adapted to any large-scale game development. [...]

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Musical Fun

Here’s a game I didn’t think I’d like – - at least not as much as I eventually do – Music Catch 2:

I’m not sure I can define the genre very well, although Action comes to mind [...]

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The Early Years: My First English

There’s always a starting point, and it’s not always shiny, but if you learn something from it then it was not all in vain.

Back in the previous Millennium, when I decided I want to make games, I applied to Edusoft, one of the very few companies in Israel that were doing something remotely close to the games I wanted to make.

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Don’t Be Like Me

For those of you who have been on my short lecture today on the Beit Berl Game development colloquium and want to remember the highlights raised in the discussion, here’s the (somewhat untidy, yet…) presentation. Keep making fun games! P.S. I intend to start publishing some more detailed accounts of my development experiences, soon on this blog. […]

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Games vs TV

A short blog post at explains why Games are usually better for you than TV.

Here’s the link.

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